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rework released their music on playhouse and pavlek/allscore
there were also releases on minus/novamute anyway on "closer to the edit"
wmf records rework on nighteffect, ideal amoureuse on flexipop, pias uk amoureuse on electric stew
pschent fr/overground house

playhouse 043 anyway i know you
playhouse 047 say hey
playhouse 050 rework on famous when dead
doxa Extérieur Remix Il continente mentale rework
playhouse 059 looking at you khan rework
playhouse 065 you're so just just
playhouse 066 fall right now
lötboy tapes you and me (jogging love)
scheinselbständig montpellier
output recordings colder - crazy love rework
playhouse 084 like me
mute/ladomat phantom&ghost rework breakdown
motorsoul trax1 ch.2 pretty wild+various artists
klang 089 alter ego vincent van dance
playhouse 118 psych doll / +jogging beat 7"
playhouse 131 love love love yeah
playhouse 138 love love love yeah remixes
chloé remix + reworks mix
allscore/pavlek pleasure is pretty lp
kill the dj 012 chloe be kind to me rework remix
alkomerz jeans team bomberjäckchen rework remix
meant 012 vosper release rework mix
relish recordings 063 remain insame ep rework mix
items & things 016 variables rework tell me why
meant 013 rework werewolf ep incl. remain & magda remix
loveyeah 001 rework it's fun you know ep incl. jeans team remix
visionquest step aside (lightwight) remix
visionquest 029 touch ep